Why these stories?

" Their stories and their suffering echoes the dislocation, precarity, and danger that I had captured in past documentary projects. Their stagnancy creates a perfect cinematographic context: a village-like community of RVers that represents a microcosm of modern American society. "

- Luca Capponi

This film is an attempt to give dignity to the nomadic people through a patient gaze that depicts their broken lives.

Naum Milyavskiy

Naum is a Ukrainian-born writer, director and producer from Los Angeles. Currently based in San Francisco’s Bay Area, Naum directed and produced Hear, Falcon, a film about the bonds between falconers and their birds of prey.

Naum is interested in working on films about offbeat subcultures and marginalized groups that don’t get much coverage in mainstream media. His background as a refugee-immigrant inspires him to help tell stories that widen our circle of compassion.